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Valentine's Engraving Messages

Valentine's Engraving Messages

Brown chicken
Brown cow

You're everything to me.
Be my valentine?

Sup’ Girl? ;)

You + Me = Us

You + Me =
Meant To Be

You hold
the key
to my heart.

The best thing
about me, is you!

I love every
moment with you

I love you
like a fat kid
loves cake!


I've never been happier
than I am when I'm with you

I love loving you.
Be mine forever.

The only place
I want to be
is where you are

Love is two souls
and one heart.

I've fallen in love
many times...
always with you.

Dreams do
come true.
I found you.

The best thing
about me,
is you!

My heart belongs to you.
Now and forever.

There. I said it!

To the world you are someone,
but to me you are the world.

A picture is worth
a thousand words.
But I only need three,
I love you.

I loved you
at first fight.

Je t'aime. Te quiero. Ti amo.
No matter how you say it,
I love you!

To the one who
still gives me butterflies.

Dreams do come true.
I found you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

There are two reasons why
I wake up in the morning:
my alarm clock and you.

I'm so lucky to have you.
Happy 1st Valentine's Day!

That feeling down deep...
It's either love or indigestion.

I loved you at first fight.

I found you...
my missing piece!

You're the one
I can tell all my secrets.

You always know
what to say.

You're My Favorite.
Be Mine.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I bought a bottle of wine
in hope that you’d be Mine

I'm so glad I met you.
I love you.
Happy 1st Valentine's Day.

The Start Of
An Awesome Adventure

You make
my life
a fairy tale.

U + Me = <3

You + Me + Glass of Wine
= Plan for Tonight

I do not think often,
I do not think much,
but when I do,

I think only of you.